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Ali Baba’s offers big satisfaction

Submitted by Kacie Waters on October 30, 2011 – 2:31 pmOne Comment

Photo by Kacie Waters

Ali Baba’s offers a one of a kind experience.

It is not only a delicious restaurant, but also a Mediterranean grocery store. They sell an assortment of items ranging from spices and canned meat to chickpeas and cream soda. They sell dates and rice and even candy bars with wrappers that say things I can’t understand. Also, all the groceries in the store are quite reasonably priced and the store conveniently accepts food stamps.

The restaurant serves Mediterranean-style foods like falafel, gyros, and lamb kabobs. I wouldn’t say there are too many choices on the menu at Ali Baba’s, but the choices you do have are all very different from one another. The main component of what you choose to eat could be chicken, beef, eggplant, lamb, pork, or vegetables. They have options for whatever mood you’re in.

If you ever thought you had been to a small restaurant before, you should come see Ali Baba’s tiny space. It is by far the smallest restaurant I have ever been to. There is enough seating space for twelve people and absolutely no more could fit.

It seems like having such a small space would hurt Ali Baba’s business, but it hasn’t seemed to so far. Many people carry out orders. The others that eat in are comfortable being close to the other people eating around them and the place never seems too cramped. Ali Baba’s becomes a sort of community to those who enjoy good food and good people.

As you could probably imagine due to its size, there aren’t many employees at Ali Baba’s. The cooks at Ali Baba’s are incredible and also very friendly. The other people who work at the restaurant and the grocery store are just as nice and helpful. When business isn’t too fast, you can strike up a conversation with any of them and enjoy any of the stories they have to tell.

Ali Baba’s is an especially ideal restaurant for UALR students because of its location. It is within walking distance from the campus and is located right across University between W 32nd Street and UALR Campus Drive. The restaurant is adjacent to and shares a parking lot with Subway.

The people who own and operate Ali Baba Grocery and Restaurant also run the Arabica Hookah Lounge. The hookah bar is an interesting and unique place. Having both the hookah bar and Ali Baba’s is helping to make the area across from UALR a more diverse part of Little Rock.

If you ever get to the UALR cafeteria and decide that what they are serving isn’t exactly what you want then remember you have options. It’s only a quick stroll to Ali Baba’s where it’s almost certain that you will be satisfied.


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