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Campus security chief speaks regarding safety

Submitted by Kwami K. Kwami on November 2, 2011 – 5:50 pmNo Comment

In light of recent events involving students, the UALR police chief wants to ensure that all students, faculty and staff keep security and safety in mind while they are on campus. Chief Brad King begins by encouraging all to go to the UALR website and download a copy of the 2011-2012 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report so that we are all informed, and on the same page.

“Not only does this document list the most recent campus wide crime statistics,” King said, “but more importantly, it contains the detailed UALR Emergency Management Plan that let’s the campus community know what is expected of them in a variety of situations.”

The plan includes, but is not limited to, procedures dealing with weather-related incidents, fires, civil protests, hazardous material incidents, infrastructure failings and shootings. King suggests that all students, faculty and staff program the UALRPD telephone number, 569-3400, into their cell phone speed dials. And, he encourages the use of the number whenever necessary.

“If there is a question of whether or not the incident warrants a call to us, I would suggest that you just call. I would rather we dispatch an officer on campus unnecessarily instead of not dispatching at all. Just make sure that in the event of a fire or a medical emergency, you dial 911 before you call us so that MEMS [Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services] and the fire department can be sent out promptly.”

King added that for those who do not use speed dial or just forget the UALRPD telephone number, calling 911 is a secondary method of contacting them. He said that when doing so, it is important that the caller let the 911 operator know that the incident happened on campus.

One of the things that King would like to see done immediately is that all students, faculty and staff register, at no cost, the cars that they park on campus with the UALRPD. This would allow the UALRPD to contact the driver of the car directly whenever there is a need to do so. It is not necessary for the driver of the vehicle to be the owner for the purpose of registering.

“We are aggressively ticketing all non-registered on campus to promote this agenda. And, any driver that receives a ticket can just come to us with the ticket and register the car at that time and we will void the ticket altogether,”  King said, “we are not in the business of making money from parking fines, we are in the business of securing the campus.”

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