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Identical twins share goals

Submitted by Melissa Ibbotson on November 2, 2011 – 6:24 pmOne Comment

Twins Bukola and Dolapo Odeniyi have grown up sharing everything. This is the first year they are living apart, as resident assistants in separate dorms. Photo by Melissa Ibbotson

There are good things and bad things about growing up with a twin. You always have a friend, someone to share secrets with, to talk to and hang out with. But for most twins, you have to share everything, including clothes, phones and even your bedroom.


For Bukola and Dolapo Odeniyi, 18-year-old sophomores at UALR, this was, and mostly still is, their life. They even finish each other’s sentences.

“We’ve never really been apart,” Bukola said. “Most of our thoughts are familiar, a lot of our interests are the same.”

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, their parents brought them, along with their older brother, to the U.S. when they were young. A move like that could be traumatic for many, but they agree it wasn’t bad.

“[When we moved] we weren’t as affected,” Dolapo said. “We had each other, and didn’t need to make new friends immediately.”

Dolapo and Bukola have never spent much time apart, until this year. They are both resident assistant’s with the Donaghey Scholar’s program, but they now live in separate dorms, though they share the same classes.

“The first two days [Dolapo] overslept,” Bukola said. “I had to run to the next building to wake her up.”

Though the separation is still new, the twins agree it’s a good thing for them. “If we don’t get into the same medical school, at least we know what it feels like to be away from each other,” Dolapo said.

The twins plan to graduate in 2014, both with chemistry degrees. Bukola wants to continue her education in neurosurgery, and Dolapo wants to go on to be a pediatrician. Their ultimate goal is to go back to Nigeria to do medical work, and in other Third World countries.

Despite the similarities, they have their differences. Bukola is quieter, more laid-back and mellow. She prefers romance novels and science fiction, whereas Dolapo, who is bubbly and loud, prefers mysteries, bright colors and music with lots of bass.

Both twins agree they enjoy being twins, and they are glad to have someone they can be so close to throughout their lives.

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