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Trojan Spotlight: Myles Parma

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When you watch junior Myles Parma play baseball you would never think he came to UALR as a walk- on player.

For the 2010-11 season Parma ranked ninth in the Sun Belt Conference with a .350 batting average and a .439 on-base percentage. He started 41 games for the Trojans last season and played in 46. He admits he had a bit of a chip on his shoulder coming out of high school and couldn’t understand why more Division 1 schools weren’t looking at him.

“I had a chip on my shoulder because I always thought that I could play D1 and nobody was really coming after me. So I tried to by going to A-state camps (Arkansas State) and Western Kentucky camps and they were kinda like if you want to come here you can, but whatever, it really wasn’t a big deal to them, it didn’t seem like they cared,” he said.
After his first visit to UALR, he said he knew he wanted to be a part of the UALR program.

“When I came for a visit, Coach Norwood made it seem like he wanted me here, even though I was walking on, they told me that they could use me for certain things and that I could help,” he said. “So that made me say, ‘this is where I wanna go,’ and plus, Little Rock is pretty close to where I am from.

Parma also said he liked Norwood’s coaching style.

“I could tell with coach Norwood that he was fiery, and I had a coach like that in high school,” he said “I could tell he wanted to win.”
Coming in as a walk-on player, Parma said he definitely felt the need to impress.

“At first, coming in as a walk on, I was really pressing to make it look like I deserved to be here,” he said.  “I learned when you press like that, especially in baseball, you actually do worse, so once I calmed down and pulled back, I did a lot better.”

Parma said feels he needs to set an example for the younger players and has a responsibility to his parents, and coaches to succeed as a student and a player.

“This year, my grades are really good, it is like taking it from following to leading because I am a three- year guy and I feel like I need to be an example and since I am on scholarship now, I feel like I have a responsibility to my coaches, to myself, and my parents to do well,” he said.

Parma said he was excited to find out he had received a scholarship. “Over the summer I wasn’t sure I would be getting a scholarship because they had given a lot out and when coach told me I was ecstatic because it is like a thank you from coach.”

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