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‘Paranormal Activity 3′ adds history to series

Submitted by Elizabeth Armstrong on November 13, 2011 – 1:38 pmNo Comment

“Paranormal Activity 3″ hit theaters, Oct. 21. It is an eerie prequel that focuses on where and why the unexplainable happenings started with two sisters, Katie played by Katie Featherston, and Kristi, played by Sprague Greyden. As a young woman, Katie Featherston moved into a new house with her boyfriend Micah, played by Micah Sloat. They discover strange encounters at night when sleeping. She eventually informs Micah that these strange happenings have been sporadically occurring since she was eight years old. Micah grows curious and sets up a camera to capture what he thinks is a ghost. They soon find out they are not dealing with a ghost, but a demon.

“Paranormal Activity 2″ focused on her younger sister Kristi, played by Sprague Greyden, who gives birth to baby boy Hunter. Kristi and her husband Daniel experience what seem to be break ins. However, they soon realize they are dealing with a much bigger problem.

Paranormal Activity 3 goes back to 1988 when Katie and Kristi were 8 and 5 years old. They are living with their mother and her boyfriend Dennis. Dennis starts to notice odd things occurring around the same time Kristi befriends an imaginary person named Toby. Things begin to intensify throughout the film.

“Paranormal Activity 3″ is by far the best Paranormal Activity that has reached audiences. This movie really takes its viewers by surprise. It had audiences jumping out of their seats screaming with terror. This is definitely a movie to pay money to see if you enjoy being scared. The writers take a few steps further to a more creative side of the story. Unlike the previous Paranormal Activity movies, this one always has something interesting happening from beginning to end. The writers created an epic story line that explains why these horrific things centered around this one family.

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