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App helps you ‘Lose It!’

Submitted by Chelsey McNiel on December 6, 2011 – 4:42 pm5 Comments
An abundance of stuffing, turkey and sweet potatoes with brown sugar and your aunt’s famous pumpkin rolls. Have you ruined your diet yet? With the temptations of  holiday foods coming it’s easy to loose track of your surely impeckable record. So, to help control your appetite download the “Lose It!” app for iPhone and iPad.

This weight loss app is based on calorie intake versus exercise. It sets up a plan based on your age, height and gender and then allows you to keep a daily record to reach your goal.

The “Lose It!” app makes counting calories easy. You can enter your own recipes or search through brand named foods from supermarkets or restaurants. Plus, a barcode scanner allows quick access to nutritional values for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

The “Lose It!” app also keeps track of your daily exercise. A budget graph displays your daily consumption, calories burned and your remaining allowance. You can browse through activities like archery, sky diving and juggling. However, it also covers less unique forms of exercise like running, yoga and hiking. It even includes Wii Fit exercises.

If you sync up with, your account with allow you to interact with friends and setup motivators to keep your plan on track. Motivators allow you to receive log reminders, schedule email reports and share your progress on Facebook and Twitter.

This app is free and comes with the bonus of no advertisements.


  • lose thigh fat fast says:

    There are so many apps out there that you can definitely find a app that will help you either to lose weight or gain your focus back.

  • steven says:

    Wow! An app with no advertisements, this sounds like just the kind of app my wife would love:)

  • Rene says:

    Chelsey, I love this app! It gives me a better understanding of where I stand (calorie wise) on a day to day basis. Its helping me out with my weight loss.

  • Weight loss says:

    Great informative and inspiring. You have touched on some very useful points.Thank you so much for sharing such a great content.

  • Brad Howarth says:

    Very interesting article. The application looks pretty useful indeed.

    I find difficult sometime to control the calories of my meals and an application such as this would surely help.

    The exercise part is also useful and would help to keep some motivation.

    I will surely look for it.