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Splashtop logs you in anywhere

Submitted by Justin Rowland on January 19, 2012 – 4:29 pmNo Comment

While our mobile devices have replaced desktop computers for a variety of uses, sometimes you might need to quickly access your home computer while away from the house.

Remote desktop software has been available for quite some time but it is usually made for those a bit more technically inclined. The Splashtop Remote Desktop app tries to make the process of remotely controlling a computer more accessible to everyone. The app goes for $10 which may be a bit much for those used to spending a couple dollars per app, so is this app worth the price?
The installation process is easy. Just install the Splashtop Streamer software onto your home computer and download the remote app onto your device. It supports all major mobile devices, as well as Windows and Mac computers. There is a short configuration that has you create a security password and to access the device over the internet, you just sign in to your Gmail account from the home computer and the remote device.
In my test, I used a tablet connected to the UALR wifi to remote into my home desktop which is connected with a separate cable connection. This was to test the stability of the remote session over wifi and the internet. Wifi is sometimes unreliable when constant connection is needed so this allows me to see how robust the app is when under these conditions.
Accessing my computer was simple and the setup allowed me to set the resolution of the screen which is helpful since your phone or tablet screen is probably not the same size as the monitor on your home computer. Even at larger resolutions the remote session worked well. It allows you to drag and scroll around the screen and a simple two-finger touch goes into trackpad mode which turns the tablet screen into a trackpad; useful when you are in the same room as your computer and just need to have a wireless trackpad. It also uses the built-in android keyboard accessible from the bottom of the screen so you can do text input straight from the tablet. Any sound that is played from your home computer is routed to the remote device, turning your PC into a media hub for your mobile device. I even managed to play a few videos. The framerate was a bit choppy but that was probably due to the bad wifi connection. If you have a good 3G or 4G connection or are just accessing from your home LAN, then I suspect the framerate would be quite smooth.
Overall, the app does as advertised and it is impressive. I have used many remote desktop applications and this surprises me with the smoothness and robustness of the connection. The extra features like the wireless trackpad mode are a plus as well. I would definitely say this app is worth the price and then some.

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