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Free operating system a highlight to users

Submitted by Ryan P.C. McQuen on February 1, 2012 – 3:05 pmOne Comment

The Ubuntu logo. Photo courtesy of

An ancient African word, Ubuntu translates  into “I am what I am because of who we all are.”

The translation holds steadfastly in representing a community of people who care about computing that is not only functional, but pleasant. Ubuntu is an absolute pleasure to use, windows fly in as if through magic. Fonts are beautiful. Everything is beautiful.

Ubuntu is an operating system alternative to Windows or Mac OS X. Best of all, it is 100 percent free and fully compatible with Windows and Mac formats like Microsoft Office and iPods.

Edges are more rounded than usual and highlighted buttons and text take on the system’s perfect tint of orange. Everything has a magical glow inside Ubuntu, and it makes you want to keep working, gaming or doing whatever you do on your computer.

It is also virus and spyware free since its release in 2004 and has a growing community of over 20 million users. If you are tired of your slow Windows pc, try installing Ubuntu right inside of Windows with Wubi, available at Wubi allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu just like any other application inside of Windows. In other words, it could not be easier. Your system will function like never before, both in terms of beauty and speed.

Ubuntu’s software center is similar to Apple’s app store. In it you can easily find and install a variety of software (most of it is free). This includes games, office and productivity apps, educational resources, accessibility apps, photo and video editing software and more. The software center is as simple as installing apps on an iPhone.

Having used Windows and Mac OS extensively, Ubuntu is the most pleasant operating system I have ever used for surfing the web, writing papers and more. Graphically, Ubuntu is downright gorgeous. The tools it offers are highly functional and free, and even more user-friendly than a Windows computer. Keyboard shortcuts carry over from Windows, so if you are handy with a keyboard, you will feel right at home with Ubuntu.

Although the word Linux may scare some people away, Ubuntu is not your father’s Linux. Let’s just say that 20 million users can’t be wrong. Ubuntu supports a variety of hardware, and most work with no hassle.

Ubuntu began in 2004 and is largely funded by Mark Shuttleworth, Ubuntu’s founder. Ubuntu is available in 30 languages and is widely used across the world.

You may be happy with your current operating system and feel no need to try Ubuntu. But try it — you may never go back.
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