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Cloud Nothings

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If you look at the Cloud Nothings DNA, there are many, many strands. It’s a potent mix of punk with a dash of grunge thrown in and the whole thing  is supported by a frame built on indie rock.

“No Sentiment,” a track off their new LP “Attack on Memory”  is a perfect specimen. Jangly guitars lead it off, followed by a riff that sounds straight out of 1995 (that’s not a bad thing) and then you have Dylan Baldi’s voice; all ragged and sounding as if it could crumble into pieces at any moment.

What will strike you most about these songs is how catchy they are. You will find yourself humming a tune throughout the day or wanting to listen to a certain song.

With just eight songs, you might not expect an instrumental but “Separation” earns its place among its less lyrically-challenged brethren. A bombastic mix of guitar and drums, the track makes you believe you’re hurtling forward at a breakneck pace by its midpoint. Dissonant guitar breaks give respite before you’re once again cast into the maelstrom.

Hailing from Cleveland, OH, Dylan Baldi started the project as a way to pass the time while he was in college. He eventually dropped out to pursue music full-time.

“I’m probably not gonna go back,” he said in an interview with Emusic. “If I did go back, it would be when I’m old, I guess, and need to get a real job, or whatever.”

Steve Albini was the band’s choice to produce the new record and according to Baldi, the choice was easy.

“I like the way Steve makes records sound,” he said. “He just stayed out of our way. He just set up the mics and let us do whatever we wanted.”

Albini has worked with numerous bands on seminal recordings, including “Surfer Rosa” by the Pixies and “In Utero” by Nirvana.

Unlike previous “Nothings” efforts, the vocals are more front and center on “Attack.” Baldi said much of the earlier recordings perceived shortcomings can be blamed on him

“I didn’t necessarily know what I was doing, recording-wise,” he said. “I don’t like hearing my own voice, [so] I’d turn it down when I was mixing them.”

The band will be on tour in the U.S. through April. You can check tour dates and other information on the band’s Facebook page at

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