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Love to hate Valentine’s Day?

Submitted by Melissa Ibbotson on February 16, 2012 – 10:49 amNo Comment

Valentine’s Day is great, if you have someone to call yours. And there are those who enjoy making fun of the one day of the year that you’re ‘supposed’ to tell that special person you love them, how much they mean to you, and so on. If you’re one of those, the internet is a great place to waste away the day and beat the loneliness away with a stick. offers an “Anti-Valentine’s Day Guide” will all sorts of fun stories, from “10 Things We Hate About Valentine’s Day” to the best and worst things about being single. There’s even a bad-date section, so you can laugh at all those crazy wanna-be couples out there.

If you’re a “Farmville” fan, you’ve probably noticed all the Valentine’s Day hoopla, but there is more. You can buy a dark heart tree, a black rose mini horse, a broken heart house, a black rose fence and much more. So go and show off your anti-Valentine spirit in the virtual world.

If you feel the need to not be alone this holiday, there’s plenty of anti-love fun you can have with friends. Ideas abound for parties, games and conversation starters. Play ‘single’ songs, laugh about how much money you’re saving not going out, create anti-Valentine’s Day cards together, or just get together and have dinner.

If you’re down on love, or just suffered a nasty breakup, rent a load of romantic movies and cry it out. Maybe throw in a little chocolate ice cream. Instead of doing shots when someone kisses, eat a Hershey’s kiss. It won’t change your circumstances, but having a bawl-fest might just make you feel a little bit better.

Whatever your view of the holiday may be, it’s here and likely always will be. So if you’re in love, have fun and live it up. And if not, then do the same. And make sure you tell whoever you love how you feel, not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day.

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