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Dance team coaches Tiny Trojans

Submitted by Taylor Hoffard on February 17, 2012 – 4:58 pmNo Comment

The Trojan dance team showed their support for a younger generation by having a day-camp Feb. 4, to teach them a dance, and allow them to be a part of the Trojan dance team for a day.

This was the third year for the dance team to have the day camp, according to SaraBeth Wyatt, the UALR Trojan Dance team coach.
“It’s great for my team- it helps to get our team out in the community and gives the kids a chance to be a part of the dance team for a day,” Wyatt said.

The Tiny Trojan Day Camp was open to all girls from the ages of 5-12 and included a T-shirt, snacks and admission to the Lady Trojans basketball game that night.

“Meeting the kids and seeing how excited the girls are to dance for a crowd makes this camp worthwhile,” Wyatt said.

To show exactly what a day in the life of a Trojan dancer is like, the girls were able to perform the dance they had learned at half-time.

“They’re really cute and it’s fun to teach them; you have to have a lot of energy, but they’re so cute. We do snack time and play with them. We do different things to keep them focused,” said April Alegria, senior geology major.

For the dancers, participation in the camp was a requirement, which they all gladly did.

“The younger kids have a harder time memorizing the steps, but the smile on their face and the facial expressions they have is worth it,” said Hannah Milligan, sophomore nursing major.

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