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Three options to edit PDFs for free using any computer

Submitted by adm_wordpress on February 17, 2012 – 4:47 pm6 Comments

Chances are you have encountered PDF formats in your academic career. Maybe you wondered, if only I could add some text to this instead of having to print it and scan it, especially a document that you only have to sign. Well, you’re in luck, there are some wonderful free tools that make it easy to fill out PDFs in a flash.

According to Adobe, it created the PDF format in the 1990s, as an open format to exchange documents electronically while preserving formatting. PDF stands for portable document format. It is the best option for preserving a document. We have all had that instance where we turned in a beautiful 5-page paper, only to email it to a professor and find that they printed it and it ended up being 4 pages. You lost points because you failed to meet the length requirement. If only you had saved it as a PDF that B paper would have been an A.

But I digress, annotation options exist for Mac OS, Ubuntu, and Windows. The Windows option is PDFedit. It is available for free from I haven’t tested it, but the reviews are positive.

The Mac OS option is fantastic. It is called Skim, available at It allows you create and edit text boxes anywhere on a PDF, and the results are very convincing, the document looks as if it came with the embedded text. You can choose from any fonts you have on your system and save the file when done as a PDF with embedded text. This is not only useful for Blackboard classes that rely heavily on PDF documents, but also online forms and job applications available in PDF format. A professionally typed document always more professional than a hand-written one.

The Ubuntu option is flpsed. Although the documents from flpsed do not look as clean as the perfectly preserved documents of Skim, flpsed makes up for that with its ease of use. In flpsed, click anywhere you want with the mouse and start typing, that’s it. Flpsed is available for free from the Ubuntu Software Center.

Do not let the PDF format keep you from creating beautiful documents. Annotate them for free!