Taking on a Canstruction project

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Giving back to the community is a heartwarming activity. It teaches us how to appreciate the things we have and understand that life isn’t about taking things for granted, but most importantly, about loving and helping one another in life’s everyday challenges.

The Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, also known as the Pikes, came together and showed the community just how helpful they are. Participating in a food drive with a non-profit organization known as Canstruction Inc. The fraternity was able to help unload and organize cans for the annual design competition that had teams constructing giant sculptures out of canned goods.

Pi Kappa Alpha’s community service chairman, Tracy Emmerling, found out about the Canstruction exhibit that took place Feb. 3 – 15 and saw a great opportunity. He said he figured it would give the fraternity a chance to earn volunteer hours as well as see something new.

The Pikes were responsible for handling crates of canned goods. They toted large crates of canned food in and out of the exhibit. After unloading the heavy crates, the fraternity came back a second day to help organize the can goods before the exhibit was opened for show. They contributed 80 to 85 volunteer hours in two days.

Once the exhibit was completely set up Emmerling, went back to tour the exhibit.

“No one should ever go hungry, this project really allowed people to see that there are people who live day to day without food in Arkansas.  The sculptures were fantastic. Each one was very unique; everyone did a great job,” Emmerling said.

The public relations chairman of the group Tyler Moses said, “Being a part of such a wonderful cause gave a bigger perspective over the awareness towards people who suffer from hunger.”

Understanding that there are people who are less fortunate and suffer everyday, allows individuals to step up and make a change. Life is too short to celebrate it alone. Let’s give back!

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