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Japanese steak and sushi disappoints despite rave reviews

Submitted by Cheyenne Banner on March 22, 2012 – 5:31 pmNo Comment

Kobe’s Japanese Steak and Sushi advertises great food, awesome service, and an extravagant atmosphere, how can anyone say no to that?

The setting inside of Kobe’s is one of the best in town. Walking into a calm setting filled with so much life you would expect to receive excellent service but apparently, looks are deceiving. Kobe Japanese Steak and Sushi appeared to be the best in town after reading the reviews and noticing the compliments on good service, food, value and atmosphere; you are pretty much convinced that Kobe is the place to be.

The setting was great, the service appeared to be awesome and the food even smelled delicious. But that was all an illusion because it’s the worst sushi bar I’ve been to since I began eating sushi. It wasn’t necessarily the environment, in fact that was the only thing that satisfied me; a clean, calm, well put together setting. The service and food was highly upsetting.

The service was very disappointing. It wouldn’t have been so bad if they had good service but served disappointing food; at least they would get a point for friendliness, but unfortunately they had bad service and food. For the first part, the restaurant only had one to two waiters and instead of having one waiter on each side they decided to put both of the waiters on the grill side. I can understand that the grill side will always have more traffic than the sushi side because it’s more of a family setting versus the sushi side where that is more of a business, table for two setting, but that is not an excuse to neglect the other customers; all areas should be treated equally. The service was awful. Drinks should be refilled in a five-to-seven-minute spread, they were not.

Disappointing food followed the bad service. I was excited to order the spider roll; a combination of ss crab, avocado and spicy crab, but I was sadly a disappointed with a flavorless combo of overcooked rice. The food was not worth the cost of admission.

Apparently, there’s always a chance of a good look on the outside and bad service on the inside. If you are trying to find the best sushi bar in town, be cautious of online reviews, and try it for yourself.

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