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Pink technology an insult to women

Submitted by Melissa Ibbotson on March 22, 2012 – 5:00 pmNo Comment

We’re in the technology age, no doubt. And it’s no secret that women have a lot of say in what gets purchased in their households, especially when it comes to big ticket items like electronics. So it makes sense that tech companies should make products that cater to women, right? Wrong.

It makes sense to advertise to women when the products aren’t gender neutral, like clothes. But electronics? A woman operates an iPad the same way a man does (and probably understands it better than a man). So why create one that’s supposedly designed for use by women exclusively?

I’m here to tell you that I would find that insulting, and I’m not the only one. In 2009, Dell created a site called “Della,” meant to market their products to women. But with “benefits” ranging from “being cute” to “doing more than just send emails,” many women were understandably unhappy with the site, which was taken down within weeks.
This tactic sends the message that women are inferior to men; that they can’t possibly understand how something works just because they’re women. It also objectifies women as the “stay-at-home barbie” who is only interested in pink, cooking and watching her weight.

The other message women get from Della is that advertisers don’t understand us. Many times, the committees that decide how to market products don’t have any women on them, so how could they possibly think they know what we want? Don’t they look at the studies that show women have more buying power than men?

Men should take a lesson from Della. Don’t underestimate women. We are more than capable, and smart enough to know that when we don’t understand something, there’s an instruction manual, which most of you seem to forget about.

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