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Letter to the Editor: Love your body

Submitted by adm_wordpress on April 15, 2012 – 7:43 pmOne Comment

Are you tired of hating your body? Are you tired of feeling guilty when you enjoy your favorite foods? Don’t worry, I’m not trying to sell you on some new diet or exercise trend. I want to talk about body acceptance.

I stumbled into the body acceptance movement by accident. I was searching around on the internet for fashion blogs to help me come up with outfit ideas and I noticed a lot of the blogs I liked were by plus-size women. Some of the women talked about the fat acceptance movement in their posts and some of them didn’t. I clicked around on some links and discovered this virtual community of (mainly) women dedicated to fat acceptance and eradicating bias against fat people. Think about it, there are plenty of TV shows, magazine articles, etc. that enforce the belief that fat people are intrinsically unhealthy and that only a narrow range of body sizes and shapes are acceptable. There’s an entire industry (see: the diet industry) dedicated to making you believe that if you’re above a certain weight on the scale, you need to lose weight.

I am not fat but I have suffered from body image issues, as have most women. I’m now comfortable with my body and want to help others love what they see.  Body acceptance is the radical idea that you can love what you see without resorting to diets or plastic surgery. Body acceptance is for everyone; your gender, sexual orientation, race, religion (or lack thereof), height, etc. do not matter.  If you’re ready to start on the journey of body acceptance, feel free to join me and others from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. Thursday, May 3,  in the East Room located at the Main Branch of the Central Arkansas Library System, 100 Rock St. in Little Rock. If you would like more  information, feel free to email

Courtney Cobbs
UALR student

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  • Mathias says:

    I was having the same problems, but then I thought about all the bacon and potato chips that would pass if I really wanted to have a sixpack. Isn’t worth it, long live bacon and potato chips.