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Good night and good luck UALR

Submitted by Ricky Harris on April 20, 2012 – 6:37 amNo Comment

Five years have come and gone. My senior year has but a month remaining. It’s almost time to walk across the stage.

It will be bittersweet.

When I first decided to come to UALR I didn’t know anything about the university. I only knew a little about the city. But something felt right. Something told me that it was the place for me to be. Politics. Capital city. Only a couple hours from home. It all pointed me in this direction.

I’m not a different person. I won’t go that far. But my time at UALR has brought out a side of me that I never really found before. Before coming to Little Rock, I was very reserved. Most people now think of me as someone not afraid to talk to strangers or start a conversation in a big group that is experiencing an awkward silence. This was not always the case. Prior to my college years, I knew I could be outgoing, but I never discovered my potential.

Thanks to the amazing faculty and staff at UALR, I found that potential. I found it, analyzed it, nurtured it and grew from it.

I could take up pages upon pages with the many thank you messages to all of the people who have been there along my journey. Sadly, I don’t have pages upon pages to devote to that. So I hope this will do. For anyone reading this who has been there for me, offered me advice, told me when I messed up, applauded my achievements, caught me slacking, encouraged me to strive to be the best, I thank you. I thank you with every inch of my existence.

I will soon be taking a new journey; starting a new chapter in my evolving life and career. This journey will take me over a thousand miles from this city and campus that I love.

I am scared. I am excited. I am anxious. I am overwhelmed.

But I know the things that I’ve learned at UALR, the connections that I’ve made, the friendships that I have that will last forever – these things will keep me going.

Green and gold is a huge change from maroon and silver. While my school colors will change drastically where I am attending graduate school, my mission in life will not. I strive to help others and to make my family proud of me. Walking across the stage at graduation on May 19 will be the closing of a major chapter in my life, but the opening of a new one.

UALR, thank you.


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