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Medical marijuana provides unnecessary opportunity for abuse

Submitted by Taylor Hoffard on April 20, 2012 – 6:40 am3 Comments

Recently, there have been supporters for medicinal marijuana use in Arkansas in the upper concourse of the Donaghey Student Center; when a student walks by, they give their speech about how marijuana is supposedly good for people, and ask for signatures and support.

They aren’t getting my signature or my support anytime soon.

According to, using marijuana has health benefits that include relieving migraines, soothing depression, making PMS easier to handle, treat glaucoma and help with ADD and ADHD. But what they don’t say is that most of those, if not all, can be easily treated with over-the-counter medicines and prescribed medicine. For migraines, that’s why we have Excedrin and Tylenol. PMS is a little bit trickier, but isn’t impossible to diminish without marijuana. Certain birth control medications have been known to reduce PMS related symptoms, according to a article.

It is redundant to attempt to treat depression with medicinal marijuana because you still have to go to a doctor to get a prescription, so instead of getting a prescription for weed, you can get anti-depressants and hopefully have a regular visit to a therapist.

Marijuana is also very addictive. Granted, I understand that legal items such as alcohol and for some people, even food, can be an addiction. But, if an addiction can be prevented by not legalizing it, why legalize it? I don’t see how marijuana can benefit anyone’s health; I just see it as a way for people to get high. My question is what’s next? After they legalize medicinal marijuana, the supporters are going to most likely start pushing for it to be a legal substance, and then what? Is medicinal cocaine going to be pushed?

I can’t imagine marijuana being able to benefit people, only hinder their lives. During a study, Dr. Jake Henningfield of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, drugs were listed in order of how addictive they are. Marijuana and caffeine were both number five on this list. While two other doctors in the study placed Marijuana at number six, according to

The point I am getting at is marijuana is unnecessary, and I don’t think it does anything positive. It is just a fad and people think it’s cool to use it.



  • Billy says:

    How can you print such a lie? Really do you have any of those problems? do you have cancer? what about hep c.can you eat without throwing up because you are sick.what if presciption medications make you ill did you know that people with hep c. cant recieve pain meds you find a docter that will prescibe meds and `I will send my wife to them.she has fibermenasal they wont give here nothing because of her liver.why dont you try living with need to stop supporting the pills and start promting somthing that nature gave us.I personally am invoved in N.A.and stiil support it.I have been clean for three years.I dont drink nor do i smoke marijauna.but you watch a person suffer.who cant take pills you would think again.really who are you trying to impress.

  • Billy says:

    think about what you write next time.

  • Will says:

    This is very poorly written. And falsely informs the readers of this article about marijuana.

    Marijuana is not addicting. I’m sure you’ve never even smoke marijuana to know if it is in fact addicting.

    Stop spreading the lies just because you’re afraid of what you don’t understand.