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‘That! Medical Quiz Show’ new to KUAR in September

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In September, a witty new radio show will entertain and educate listeners about their health by quizzing contestants on medical and preventive health issues.
“That! Medical Quiz Show” is fun, conversational and unique. Instead of having the usual set up of listeners calling in to ask questions, three contestants answer medical questions from topics such as survival tactics, medical sounds, and gross anatomy. Comical sound effects accompany each topic, giving the show a fun personality.
“We want to make it fun and effective for daily use,” said David A. Goldstein, executive producer and co-founder.  “People want to be entertained while listening to medical information. We need to give information that could be discussed at the water cooler.”
Neurosurgeon and author Dr. T. Glenn Pait, whose voice you may recognize from UAMS’s “Here’s To Your Health,” is the show’s host and co-founder.
“It’s a fun way to get people involved in their health,” Glenn Pait said adding the show’s slogan. “Because there’s a little bit of doctor in all of us.”
Sports reporter Lisa Cornwell is the owner of and serves as the show’s announcer. She introduces contestants and keeps score while adding her quirky views as Glenn Pait explains the correct answer to each question.
The show presents gag gifts as prizes that will fascinate the winning contestant. They could walk away with seeds to grow their own vegetables or a lifetime supply of tongue depressors.
“It’s a unique part of the show,” Goldstein said. “But really everyone is a winner. They receive gifts cards for showing up and playing along.”
One contestant from the pilot episode is now the assistant of production and communication.
Catherine Jones, a UALR graduate student studying speech communication, said her coursework has provided the interviewing skills needed for her new job.
“I try to find the contestants that can have a good time,” she said. “I look for people who are conversational, relaxed and can easily laugh at the jokes.”
UALR Alumna Kelly Pait earned her MBA in Management and is now the show’s interim editor and co-founder. She also assists with operational flow and writing episodes.
“We had great feedback from our pilot episode,” she said of the March 31st broadcast. “The majority said they would listen weekly and many contestants said they would love to come back on the show.”
Drew Glover and Lea Clyburn are UALR professional and technical writing graduate students who recently joined the show in June 2012. They spend their time fact checking and writing whimsical scripts for the cast.
“I feel lucky [to be part of the production],” said Glover. “I hope it gets picked up nationally.”
According to Goldstein, the quiz show has recorded nine of its 13-episode season, and is looking to expand to Memphis, Nashville and Chicago.
Beginning September 6, “That! Medical Quiz Show” will air Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. after “Tales From the South” on 89.1 FM KUAR. For more information or to become a contestant visit or

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