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Facebook entertains serious gamers with ‘Battle Pirates’

Submitted by David Ellis on September 5, 2012 – 7:23 pmNo Comment

Beta games are breathing new life into the old role playing and command and conquer genres. There are games out there to fit almost every taste from the futuristic to swords and sorcery. As the technology improves so does the gaming experience.

With this in mind, Facebook has formed partnerships with companies like Kixeye, an online gaming company founded in 2007 that specializes in defense-based games.

When asking my friends and fellow gamers which games they thought were best, Kixeye games came highly recommended. As a “Dungeons and Dragons” basement nerd and gaming junkie, I decided to sample the goods and began with a game called “Battle Pirates.” It was the game’s concept and story that pulled me in.

Like all command-and-conquer games, the player starts out having to build a compound and develop ways of harvesting needed resources for continued development. After a natural disaster renders most of the world underwater with the exception of small plots of land, you must develop a base of operations and arrange for its defense and advancement. This is done by using resources to build not only your compound, but also fleets of armored ships and boats that will be used for protection and to plunder resources from the evil and omnipotent Draconian Empire.  Your ability to strategize is tested as you defend your base from both the empire and other individual players.

The graphics for this game were better than I expected from a game made with Flash. The player gets the customary bird’s eye view of the world, and the artwork is imaginative and semi-cartoonish. The background music sets the mood for the game, but it can also become distracting in later stages. The controls are easy to master and become familiar within the first few minutes of play. There is a tutorial for those in need. The guide is in the upper left hand part of the screen and it provides a list of goals, which will help a player to level up faster and gain rewards in the form of resources and credits.

As with most tower-defense games there is a waiting period, so the players base is protected from damage by other players, which becomes void if you attacked first. The development of buildings defenses, and boats is easy and in the first three levels of development quickly sped up with an instant finish option.

The variety of design and weaponry available to outfit your assets is cool ,but after level four, everything begins to take more time. Laboratories have to be built and research must be done, which requires more resources to upgrade. This can be done with the help of Facebook credits, which are paid upgrades available to users with Visa or Mastercard.

Overall, “Battle Pirates,” is impressive and enjoyable to play.  My only complaint is the limitation on wall construction – the player is only allowed a certain number of walls that can be built until their outposts are above level four, so you must be conscious of that fact when designing the land structures of your base. Regardless, I’m looking forward to playing other Kixeye games, which include the highly recommended “War Commander.” More information and downloads can be found at the company’s website


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