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Kudos to UALR police officers

Submitted by Justin Rowland on September 24, 2012 – 11:36 amOne Comment

All too often police officers only get in the news when it’s a negative situation. From questionable shootings to accusations of racial profiling, serving in law enforcement is no easy task.
Recently, UALR’s police force, the Department of Public Safety (DPS), has done some things that have not gotten the attention they may deserve.
In a situation that directly impacted The Forum, DPS officers caught a juvenile who was going through our executive editor’s car in Lot 2. They almost got away with hundreds of dollars in photography equipment. Had it not been for the officers out patrolling campus, the suspects likely would have not been caught and the equipment would have probably never been seen again.
Another situation is one that the larger campus community, and even city of Little Rock, probably heard about. When a student was allegedly robbed at gunpoint outside of the Trojan Grill, DPS officers were on the scene promptly, even catching one of the suspects before they got away. If that’s not a great response time, then I don’t know what is.
Although that was an isolated incident that was supposedly a Craigslist exchange gone bad, KATV Channel 7 decided that it necessitated a live story from campus, as if UALR needs more bad publicity. It’s bad enough that everyone thinks our campus is dangerous. (Which, by the way, it is not.) It must have been a slow news day.
For those of you who like to run your mouths about DPS being “rent-a-cops,” think twice next time before you crack a joke to belittle our campus’s own state-trained first responders. You never know when it’ll be you who needs their assistance.

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