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New film ‘possesses’ horror fans

Submitted by David Ellis on September 24, 2012 – 12:12 pmOne Comment

The new suspense-horror flick “The Possession” isn’t what I would consider scary, but it will definitely make you wary of what you purchase at a yard sale.
Clyde Brenek (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), a divorced, father of two girls, buys a mysterious wooden box at a yard sale for his daughter Emily. Clyde becomes suspicious of the box as his daughter becomes more and more attached to it. Em begins to exhibit strange behaviors and reacts violently to anyone who comes between her and the box. In his effort for answers, Clyde does some research on the box, and discovers that it is a Dybbuk box, an item used in Jewish ceremonies to contain a demonic spirit. Clyde consults a rabbi to determine what he’s dealing with, and what he finds out is that no one wants anything to do with the evil spirit attached to the box. With the aid of the rabbi, he attempts to act quickly to save his daughter from the demon determined to take her life.
This movie is representative of three distinct genre types – drama, suspense and horror. This makes me wonder if the writers were fumbling in trying to determine an angle for the storyline, since there were some scenes in the movie that served no purpose aside from being pure filler. For instance, telephone conversations that had little to do with the plot were slipped into the middle of an otherwise interesting film.
“The Possession” did offer some cool special effects, both in the form of computer techniques as well as physical stunts. But overall the movie seemed pretty tame — no outrageous blood and gore here. Because of this, the film didn’t have the visual scare factor that one usually comes to expect from the horror genre. But what did make it work was the imagination of the viewer; as with most demon possession flicks, the scare factor is in what you can’t see.
It may not have had the outlandish gore that most horror films do, but this film had the spook factor that will have you checking out every little wooden box you find for strange writing, and using a flashlight app on your cell phone to check around every dark corner. The story of the Dybbuk box is available online for those who’d like to research but if you’re just looking for a slice of entertainment, this is your kind of film.

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  • I mostly like to watch horror movie because I love the story and we can get good entertaining of this movie. I am also big fan of possesses movie. This movie has different story to compare other movie. This movie is really classical and I love this movie very much.