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Date My School sparks online interest

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It can be difficult to find time to date in college but with Date My School, Prince Charming could be a click away.

Date My School is an online dating source for college students and alumni. Date My School is the largest dating platform for students nationwide and won’s 2012 Readers Choice Awards for Best College Dating Site.

Date My School allows students to be as strict or as open as they want when searching for matches. The only way to create an account is with your school’s email address. A Date My School user can not be searched on Google, according to The student’s privacy is completely protected. Students can also specify how far away they want to search, if they want a match at their university, or even matches states away.

But, if you are not comfortable with online dating, there is always the traditional way; going out and meeting people.

According to’s College Life section, joining a club allows students to meet the “perfect fit” easier.  Volunteering and getting involved in leadership programs can also lead to that one person who might make their stomach flip.

Safety should be a number one priority. When meeting someone new for the first time, take your own car and meet your date there so you can leave if you want. If you’re not quite sure you’re going to hit it off with someone, it’s good to make it a double date and bring some friends, according to If the spark isn’t there, at least a fun night is still in the mix.

A “check-up time,” in which the friend will call you during the date will make sure everything is going smoothly. Listening to your gut instinct is also a top priority; if something doesn’t feel right don’t chance it, according to

There are nice ways to say no, so if you don’t want to stay for dessert, don’t be afraid to decline a request, according to Public places also make it easier to say no because the person is less likely to make a scene.

If you have the perfect date but are limited on cash, finding something free to do is easier than you may think. Going for a stroll on the Big Dam Bridge can create a romantic atmosphere as you and your date walk and talk in peace. The Arkansas Art Center is also free, and if you have knowledge about art, you’re sure to impress your date. When it comes to food, suggests visiting a small, family owned restaurant instead of a large restaurant chain to save you some change.

Dating in college is meant to be fun, not a hassle; whether it’s online dating or “old fashion” the experience can be fun and safe. For more information visit


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