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Sodexo stuck in ways of bad service

Submitted by Chelsey McNiel on October 3, 2012 – 6:44 pmNo Comment

It seems the complaints against Sodexo are never ending and as much as we would like to overlook some of the petty issues, some are just too annoying.

We write this editorial for the line of students who stand, wasting their time outside Taco Bell and Quiznos, which often open long after the scheduled time. Students should be able to order food at 10 a.m., but they often have to wait another 30 minutes just to place their order.

Even when the glass doors are unlocked and opened for orders, students still have to wait for cash registers to be filled, ovens to warm up and employees to prepare themselves for work.

If students have a class during the lunch hour, 10 a.m. may be their only chance to grab some food before rushing off to their next class. Sure, everyone runs late sometimes but Sodexo doesn’t seem to believe in improving their operations.

If you have the patience to wait while employees rush around behind the counter, just hope what you want to order is actually available. While standing in line, our editors have overheard numerous orders be declined, along with their own, due to lack of supplies.

Now, this may not be the specific employee’s fault but their attitude toward students can not be put off on anyone else. Discourteous remarks have flown at students for simply asking employees for a special order, such as a vegetarian ordering beans in place of meat.

Too often hair is discovered in both Taco Bell and Quizno’s product. While standing in line, managers have been repeatedly overheard asking employees to put on their hair nets.

Even if you are willing to wait in line, eat something you didn’t really want and hope your food is hairless, you may still be denied.

When Sodexo’s system will not accept credit cards, signs are placed on the registers to let students know they can only accept cash or student ID. Signs may be helpful if you ordered at the register, but if you are waiting in a line of 10 or 20 students you don’t see the sign until you have wasted half of your lunch break. Then, you can’t even buy your food. Why not put the signs where student’s can see them when first arriving?

It’s always a challenge to feed a large group of people, but if it were your sole job every day, a better method should have been found by now.


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