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Students find social media just one of many distractions

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Some students disagree with professionals about what really distracts them from attending class and doing homework.

According to some the biggest distraction is peer pressure to blow off studying but Aresh Assadi, personal and career counselor at UALR, said  the biggest distraction from school work is social media.

He said smart phones make it easy to put aside your homework to check Facebook or Twitter.

“[Smartphones] have notifications on them. They are designed to keep you in to them at any given point,” Assadi said.

Brady Redman, junior systems engineering major, said his biggest distraction is peer pressure. His friends ask him to hang out or go to the gym and he feels pressured to go instead of doing homework.

Redman said he tells his friends he needs to study but they will urge him to study later.  “We never study,” he said.

Time management is another issue students deal with.

UALR counselor Amy Muse said she sees too many students overextending themselves. They commit to too much at one time and do not know how to handle everything.

Other students said work and video games are also distractions. Matt Quantz, junior health sciences major, said technology and sleep keep him from going to class or finishing homework. “Low class interest [also] distracts me,” he said. “If the class wasn’t required I wouldn’t take it.”

Students and professionals also disagree how to handle distractions and get back to work. Most students agree when they fall behind in a class the best way to catch up is to pull an all-nighter.

“I put the headphones in and try to zone out,” Redman said.

Muse said the best way to overcome distractions is to face them head on. “I work with students to balance out their needs, goals, and wants and what it realistically takes to meet them so that students may have a fun and successful educational experience here at UALR,” she said.

Muse works with students on assertiveness and time management training.

Assadi said it takes at least 21 days to form a habit and habit forming is the best way to overcome distractions.

Assadi said is an easy and helpful way to start a new habit, like studying every day. Students can sign up online and the website sends reminders for homework and assignments.

“Nothing really distracts me,” Quantz said. But it’s getting the time to do [homework] that makes it difficult.”

Assadi said students should reserve a place for homework so they can enter “business mode.”

Although students and professionals disagree on the major distractions they agree time management and social habits are usually the culprits.



  • Social media cannot merely be considered as a source of distraction since many of the industries are building their clientele and reputation by making use of Social media.
    Students may feel the distraction because of the lack of the goal they can achieve using social media. Social media can facilitate students by making contacts with the students in different communities and can share their experiences and methodologies to study.
    Its just the way you see things.

  • Social media adds to distractions. I would agree with the post that generally time management and habits are usual culprit.

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  • abluo says:

    Social media is big and getting bigger so everyone needs to know about it and how to live alongside it without distraction

  • Social networking is a platform to diversify your reach and built connection with people of similar interest. For me its a dais having huge source of information and updates about any topic. So it depends on the way you takes it.

    • Well said “Medical Imaging Solutions”.
      Not only Social media but anything in real-world relates to this concept. Whatever you do, its utility depends on the way you use it so the consent of the user should be sound to make the best out of it.

  • Social media is a vast platform provide all the resources. social media usage without distraction and with distraction, depends on our way of approach.