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Freshman dives right in

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Freshman Megan Scott, hoping to pursue a degree in nursing, made a splash at UALR’s first home swimming and diving meet.

Scott won the inaugural Sun Belt Conference Diver of the Week for her performance against the University of North Texas on Oct. 5 and against Tulane on Oct. 6.   This is the first time in the university’s  history that a diver from UALR has ever won the award.

“I’m really not sure how I got it,” Scott said. “It was kind of a shock.”

On Oct. 5, Scott placed third on the one-meter dive and third on the three-meter dive.

The following day, she took second place on the one-meter dive and fist place on the three-meter dive.

“I used to be in gymnastics, but I kind of got bored with it.  My body started to fall apart, [so] it was kind of a toss up between cheer and diving,” Scott said.  “At first I didn’t want to go into [diving]. My mom said I was going to try it out and I fought her until I tried it out that first day. And then I told her, okay, I like it.”

“My favorite part is when I get a new dive and when I accomplish something in a practice that I didn’t think I could do,” Scott said.

“My least favorite [part] is doing dives like optionals, which are hard dives. Or smacking, when you land on your stomach,” she said.

Before competing at the collegiate level, Scott dove for Alamo Area Aquatics Diving and the Brandeis High School in San Antonio.

“My second year diving I got to go to state.  I beat out this girl by .23 points and so I got to go to state, which surprised a lot of people,” said Scott.  “I won districts two years in a row after that.”

Scott said her competitors are much more mature in college.

“The high school divers would try to get into your head.  They tried to overthrow you mentally before they [beat] you physically.”

Even though Scott doesn’t swim, she still feels like a part of the girl’s swim team.

“I really like [the team],” she said.  “When I went to the recruiting trip here, I noticed how close nit the swimmers [were]… I’m part of their team, they’re part of my team. We root for each other.”

Scott added, “I’m always checking up on the team. Like, I make the team [homemade] cookies a lot … And they’re all organic.”

Scott described her hometown as big and crazy.

“[There were] a lot of different types of food,” she said.  “[In Little Rock,] it feels like we have a lot more parks and things you can do outside.”

So far, the college life has pleased the young diver.

“I miss my family and my friends, but at the same time, it was nice to kind of move on and grow up,” Scott said. “It’s a lot of fun.”

As the year progresses, Scott is eager to

“You have more freedom, but also it’s more of a challenge.  No one can just sit there and say okay you need to do this and this.  I really like it.”


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