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How to up-cycle Styrofoam for Halloween costumes

Submitted by Kerissa Accetta on October 23, 2012 – 1:55 pm2 Comments

Forum staff writer Geoffrey Bara models the human calculator, an up-cycled Halloween costume made from Sodexo Styrofoam. After collecting Styrofoam and Duct Tape, you'll only need 10 minutes to piece it all together. Photo by Chelsey McNiel


Are you stuck on campus and still need a Halloween costume? Up-cycle your leftover Sodexo Styrofoam containers with a little creativity.

Hula dancer

Using string and an opened small square Styrofoam container, decorate it as a chest covering.  For the skirt, take numerous regular sized to-go boxes and cut strips lengthwise.  Use duct tape to hold the strips together by taping one end of each strip side by side until wide enough to wrap around your hips.  Accessorize with the rim of a cup for a bracelet or anklet.

Human calculator

You will need eight small square Styrofoam boxes. Tape the opened boxes together so that you have a four-by-four square of squares.  Then, write numbers and symbols on the squares to make a “keypad.” Use string to hang the “keypad” around your neck. For the “screen,” use larger Styrofoam pieces to or simply be a talking calculator without a screen.

White knight

Use two large Styrofoam containers as a chest piece and back piece.  Tie string to the tops of both containers so each piece can hang over your shoulders.  Cut the bottoms off of cups and cereal bowls to slide up your arm and lower legs for even more protection. Don’t forget to top it off with a helmet.  Overlap one section of two square containers and glue them together, so there are now three sections in a row.  Cut out the bottom of one of the end sections and place the helmet on your head so that the cut section falls in front of your face and the glued pieces sit on the top of your head.

Halloween is only eight days away, so wash out your leftovers and stockpile containers for your up-cycled Sodexo Styrofoam costume.