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Last minute costumes without breaking the bank

Submitted by Geoffrey Bara on October 31, 2012 – 10:43 amNo Comment

If you’ve waited until the last minute to buy your Halloween costume, never fear, plenty of people leave things to the last minute and there are a variety of solutions that will help make sure you don’t show up to your Halloween party in a black T-shirt with orange stripes.

As a student, spending a pile of money on an outfit for one night is fiscally unsound. Fortunately, if you’re like me and can’t even be bothered to leave the house to get the costume supplies, many of them can be found around your home.

It’s important not to forget the classics. As kids it was embarrassing to be the fifteenth vampire or pirate at school, but as adults, with everyone spending freakish amounts of money on more and more outlandish costumes, a return to the familiar can be nostalgic and a lot of fun.

Ghost: Get a white sheet and cut some eyeholes. Cheap, easy and guaranteed to get a laugh. And you can always say you’re  E.T. undercover.

Mummy: If you don’t have a lot of gauze on hand, a quick trip to the dollar general will be necessary. Stitch the bandages around a set of long underwear, making a separate top and bottom. Now you’ve got a custom mummy suit that you don’t have to unwind to go to the bathroom.

Skeleton: Wear black clothes and cut bones out of paper plates. Staple them to your clothes and you’re ready to party.

I also found some oddball ideas that even though they might seem  strange, sound like a lot of fun.

Painting: Find a large picture frame; if you don’t have one you can use at home, try a thrift store. You can carry the frame in front of you, or attach it to your clothing. With creative makeup you can be the Mona Lisa or an Andy Warhol.

You could go as a TV set with essentially the same supplies. Add knobs out of construction paper and attach them to the frame, so it becomes a screen. You could also create an antenna with tinfoil and a headband.

Static cling: Wear a sweat suit and glue socks and other items of clothing to it, along with some fabric softener sheets.

Highway: Get that black sweat suit out again. Add yellow and white lines with either paint or fabric or construction paper, and add some toy cars, fake road kill and road signs.

Whatever you decide to wear this Halloween, remember there’s a difference between classic and cliché; and humor can go a long way.


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