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Political theater detrimental to U.S.

Submitted by Ricky Harris on November 1, 2012 – 12:46 pmNo Comment

No matter who wins this year’s presidential election, nothing is going to change.  It’s sad to think that way, but sometimes the truth isn’t what you want to hear.

Here in these great United States, we have a love for this thing called political theater.  It sells.  People say they hate the negative tones of campaigns, but it’s proven to work.  This is a perfect example of how the average American voter is hypocritical.

In either scenario of the presidential election results, no party will have total control.  I would usually support split government because it should lead to compromise.

But our current political climate is that of sharp disagreements to the extent that hatred exists on Capitol Hill.

In the old days, politicians could have an educated, civil debate and then go out for drinks as friends.  But that’s a rare situation today.  Anyone who shows signs of compromise gets voted out of office. The hatred from the Tea Party toward other candidates and leaders is pathetic.  When your platform revolves around false ideas that the president is a Muslim and was born in Kenya, you should know that your legitimacy  is in serious jeopardy.

Or it should be.

Sadly, these messages have proven successful with a lot of voters, especially those voters who are stuck in their ways and think Democrats are going to steal their guns and kill their babies.

This country would be much better off if that ignorance would just go away.

As for all of this political theater, the curtain is about to close on this act.  But never fear, it will open right back up with the next scene in America’s political auditorium.


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