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Turning back not the answer to nation’s problems

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The presidential election is just a few days away. It’s hard to believe that it’s been four years since Barack Obama became the first African-American to win the presidency.

No matter who won the 2008 election, it was no secret that the battle would be uphill and tough.

Unfortunately for President Obama, most Americans don’t care how hard it is.  They want results and they want the results yesterday.

If you were to listen to the arguments against the president, you’d think he has sat around for four years twiddling his thumbs.

But any educated person knows that the president has made strides during his time in office, whether you agree with the  decisions or not.

As Vice President Joe Biden recently said in reference to the last four years, General Motors is alive and Osama bin Laden is dead.

The president made a very risky call to send special forces into Pakistan to capture America’s most wanted criminal.  That brought closure to not only the families of 9/11 victims, but also to the average American who finally felt that justice was served.

As for the auto industry, Mitt Romney wanted to let them go bankrupt, causing countless jobs to be lost.  President Obama stood up to help them out and now the money has been repaid.  Regardless of whether you agree with that decision, it worked out and jobs were saved.  The taxpayers got their money back and a million people are still producing quality American-made vehicles.

Obama also ended the war in Iraq.  You remember, that pointless war that the American people were lied to about by the administration of George W. Bush.

He then refocused on the efforts in Afghanistan and now has planned for those troops to return home as well.

President Obama realizes that before we go playing world police, we need to take care of our own people.

We admit, it would be nice if unemployment wasn’t so high.  We’d also prefer gas prices to be lower.  But to the extent of the president’s power over these issues, we think Barack Obama has done more than we could have asked for.

It probably hurt him that he promised so much hope and change in 2008.  While he told voters that it wouldn’t be easy and he wasn’t a miracle worker, that’s not what they heard.  They heard a message of change and they thought that he would change the world overnight.

Obama also took on the challenge of passing health care reform.  Love it or not, this was a task that he knew would not be politically popular.  But because of his persistence, insurance companies can no longer deny coverage to someone because of a pre-existing condition and young adults can now stay on their parents’ insurance up to the age of 26.

In this space we can only begin to name things that President Obama has accomplished in his first four years in office.

If the Republican party were to have their way, which might just happen, we’re going to be right back where we started.

America cannot return to the failed policies of the past.  Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are living in the mid-20th century.

We need to continue our fight toward a promising future.  With President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden in office for another four years, that’s what we will get.


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