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Best Intramural Sport – Flag Football

Submitted by Clayborn Waters on November 2, 2012 – 3:44 pmOne Comment

After being absent from UALR’s intramural program for several years, flag football was brought back to the program this year to a supportive reaction from many students.“Well, it is a tremendous honor for flag football to be selected as the Best Intramural Sport,” said UALR Intramural Sports Coordinator Grant Watts. “It shows that students enjoyed participating and being out on the recreational complex field.”The season started in September with eight teams in the men’s division and two teams participating for the women’s division. The eight teams that participated in the men’s division were the African-American Male Initiative, Chancellor’s Leadership Corps, Hash Slinging Slashers, Kappa Sigma 1, Kappa Sigma 2, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pike Rushes and The Rangers. The African-American Female Initiative and CLC Gals were the only two teams that competed in the women’s division.The Hash Slinging Slashers defeated AAMI 26-20 to win the men’s flag football championship on Oct. 18. The Hash Slinging Slashers were the third-seeded team in the playoffs and finished the season with a 7-2 record. AAFI won the women’s division after beating CLC Gals 54-12 to finish the season with a perfect record of 4-0.“Flag football gives students the opportunity to participate in something they enjoy within the recreation of the game of football,” Watts said. “It brought a ton of interest to students to watch exciting competition and a great opportunity to connect with other students.”

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