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College students find unusual ways to make money

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By Kayla Newton, contributing writer

A lengthy economic recession and high unemployment has prompted college students to come up with creative ways to supplement their income while going to school.

The economy has experienced a global depression since 2008, but The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a decrease in unemployment rates to 7.8 percent in September. Though the economy finally seems to be picking up, some college students have found interesting ways to manage living expenses while going to college.

What might be a unusual job for a college student? UALR student, Brad Jones became an Ordained Minister to pay for his extra expenses. Like some of the other students interviewed, Jones said he has most trouble managing a budget for groceries. Jones explained that he doesn’t just do this job for the money but also for “the ‘interesting’ kinds of weddings I could do.” He believes that wedding ceremonies should be tailored to what the couple wants and not strict like some ministers want their services to be.

Another job that might be an uncommon one for a college student is teaching swim lessons. But UALR swim team members, Hope Myers and Meghan Petersen, offer swim lessons as a way to earn money. Group lessons are held by the UALR swim team to pay for their training trip to Florida, but coach Amy Burgess also allows members, who want to make extra money, to give private lessons. Swim lessons are a way these students get the opportunity to do what they love while making money for extra activities such as “shopping, eating out, seeing a movie, or even just a quick run to the grocery store,” Myers said.

It doesn’t stop at ordained ministry and swim lessons; dog training is another way one UALR student gets by. Business major, Eric McKinney has used his passion for dog training to earn additional money. McKinney began training dogs when he was introduced to Pin Oak Retriever Club, a nonprofit organization that works with owners to train dogs for hunting. McKinney said although this is a job that helps when he is in a bind, “it is something I love to do and it doesn’t feel like a job at all.”

CNN Money reporter Blake Ellis released an article on Sept. 18, that described jaw dropping ways students are paying for a college education such as, participating in medical trials and being supported financially by a sugar daddy. The students interviewed for Ellis’ article are using the money to pay for things such as living expenses, GRE preparation courses and student loans.

Working as a waitress or in a retail store may be a popular way college students are earning money, but as UALR students are proving, they aren’t the only ways.