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Campus resident, employee flees scene after crash, according to DPS

Submitted by Jennifer Ellis on January 17, 2013 – 5:34 pmOne Comment

A housing maintenance worker and Staff Senate member’s vehicle was towed after having been reported Dec. 22, leaving the scene of an accident on University Avenue, according to a police report.

The Little Rock Police Department notified UALR police of a hit-and-run accident, which resulted in injury, involving a silver 2007 Jeep Wrangler belonging to Harry Murdock, 33, who resides at UALR’s University Village, the report said.

Christina Cordell, a witness at the scene of the accident, told officers she was following Murdock back from Senor Tequila’s and that Tracy Collier, University Village director and student development specialist, was in the vehicle with Murdock.

According to the report, the witness told police, when she stopped at the light on University Avenue and 32nd Street, she saw Murdock’s Jeep in the bushes and another vehicle overturned in Popeye’s parking lot. Then, the Jeep fled the scene, so she waited with the overturned vehicle until police came.

Officers found the alleged vehicle belonging to Murdock at University Village in front of Coleman Court building 1 with several people standing beside it.

UALR police went to the apartments of Murdock and Collier, but they did not respond. The officers contacted the University Village courtesy officer who contacted Collier, who said she did not know where Murdock was.


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