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‘Vine’ is fresh but struggles to remain tangle-free

Submitted by Jacob Ellerbee on February 14, 2013 – 3:01 pmNo Comment

Have you ever been in a situation in which a photo just doesn’t give your social media following a good enough understanding of what is happening in that moment?

Twitter has taken that concept and turned it into something they are hoping is a fun, interactive experience to create something that is worth a mere six seconds of your time.

This application, which is known as “Vine,” is a video app that limits recording time to six seconds or less. According to Twitter, the reason behind the short recording time is to stimulate creativity among its users.

Using the application is simple. Once the video camera icon is tapped to activate the camera on your phone, you press and hold your finger on your screen when you’re ready to record. Whenever you want to stop recording, simply lift your finger off the screen. There are also little recording restrictions. While you can use all six seconds recording one moment, another popular option is to record a second or two of one moment, go to something else, record a few more seconds and repeat again for the remaining recording time. Since the app automatically stitches the video together, there is no work on the user’s end, and it’s seamless, crisp nature allows users to utilize this app for comedy, art, nature and instructional videos.

In addition to posting your creation to Vine, you can post it on Twitter, where your followers can view the video since it will be embedded in your tweet.

As with any app, there are a few knots present. Days after Vine was released, a host of mainstream news organizations reported that pornography was infiltrating the new app, which was easy to find because the app incorporates the use of hashtags. After this discovery, Twitter released a statement that read, “Uploaded videos that are reported and determined to violate our guidelines will be removed from the site, and the user that posted the video may be terminated.” But within the next few updates and patches, it’s possible that Vine’s development team can find a way to fix these problems.

Vine is currently free and available for download on iPhone and iPod. They also have plans to expand to other platforms.


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