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Students elect challenger in student government race

Submitted by Jennifer Ellis on March 14, 2013 – 5:40 pm2 Comments

Aaron Lazenby, Trey Gibeault and Aaron Cantu view the election results.

Lauren McNeaill and “Trey” Joe Gibeault were elected Student Government Association president and vice president March 5, beating incumbents Rizan Mohsin and Ed Hernandez 172-145.

“I’m honestly just grateful,” McNeaill said. “I was out of state during both days of the elections, and I knew how important it would be to have a dedicated team. Trey, Aaron [Cantu, the team’s campaign manager], and the rest of the crew took care of business and now we’re just looking forward to bringing this campus to life.”

Andrew Wideman and Aaron Lazenby were elected Senators of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences with 22 votes each. Caity Nguyen received 19 votes and Geoffrey Bara had 14 votes.

Jarques Smith, who was the only candidate for the College of Business, received 23 votes.

In the College of Science, incumbent Brett Clark was re-elected with 31 votes and Brian Michael Rayburn got 30 votes, defeating Saad Azam and Win Lubana with 25 and 14 votes, respectively.

Natasha Jaffar of University College received the highest number of votes in a senate race with 69; and Sana Khan was also elected to represent the college with 48 votes.

There was a 2.58 percent voter turnout with 320 students voting out of the 12,427 total potential voters.



  • reere says:

    congratulation for Lauren McNeaill and “Trey” Joe Gibeault that elected Student Government Association president and vice president March 5,
    hope will more successful for the future.


  • Simon says:

    Well done to Lauren and Joe for their achievements. Morepeople need to start taking part in these things as they will help you and it is something you can put down on your CV. I know Sana Khan very well and she is also a very capable candidate. My opinion is that people who dont bother with his are just ignorant, this is as much important as a href=”” title=”fire risk assessments”> for a gas station. so people please take part in his.