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UALR students working diligently to make it big

Submitted by Antonio Gayden on September 4, 2013 – 2:54 pmNo Comment

Scores of creative minds inhabit UALR, but many of them fall through the cracks of the unknown, unless they’re your friends.

Dear Karma is working diligently to make sure that doesn’t happen. They are a locally founded band in Little Rock, featuring current UALR students. The group plays metalcore, a sub-genre of heavy metal, and incorporates blues and punk elements into their massive sound.

Dear Karma is composed of Jamison Grandy (drums), Jeremy Grandison (vocals), Devin Parker (lead guitar), Matt Taylor (2nd guitar) and Matt Garvey (bass).

Music is more than a feeling, Taylor said. He credits music as having the ability to alter the way you think and to shift your mood.

“My goal is to inspire the next generation in their love of music” Taylor said.

After hearing their music, they accomplish just that. Dear Karma’s style is different, but will most likely satiate their audience lyrically and through precise instrumentation.

The band of five individuals share a common goal.

“We wish to test the limitations of our music writing and bring passion to every song we make.”

There’s a lot that goes into making music and making an album. From the writing of the songs, to beats and production, the toughest variable in this equation is keeping the band together. With the different personalities and opinions from each member, it can be hard to function and keep everyone satisfied.

But the band members said they have what it takes to make it through the adversity.

“We’ve gone through some hard times and we’ve made some tough choices to get to where we are today,” Jamison said. “But one day, we hope to look back and be able to say we have made our albums, we have made it to the top of music and entertainment, and we have played some of the biggest shows and festivals the country has to offer.”

By no means will it be easy but with the will they have and determination their future is bright. It starts with building a fan base, and what better scenario than UALR’s backyard?

Dear Karma is currently in the process of recording their debut album and the band members expect it to be released sometime this fall.

The band has already started to make headway on accomplishing their goals. The group has an upcoming show on October 20th at the Downtown Music Hall.

The gig is for Project Independent, an event in which the area’s top metal bands perform during a live HD webcast for a chance to receive signing offers from a variety of entertainment service groups. Dear Karma is scheduled to perform at 10:15 p.m.

The band members said they hope UALR students are able to go out and support the local talent.

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