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Student panel offers advice on dating, finding a mate

Submitted by Antonio Gayden on October 3, 2013 – 11:27 am2 Comments

Photo by Antonio Gayden

Almost every day one can hear and read varying opinions about dating.  Oftentimes, the answers depend on the person’s gender and sexuality.  These ideas influence ones perception of reality and what attitudes to expect from his or her peers. Battle of the Sexes, an event hosted by the Student Services Success Initiative, allowed guys and girls to share thoughts about sensitive subjects.

Moderators included SSSI Coordinator Amber Smith and colleague Chane Morrow. The panel discussion took place in the Student Services Center auditorium on Sept. 18.

Topics such as sex, relationships, cheating, and type preferences were discussed. Students entered the room and received a ticket number. When the number was called the student could go on stage and join the six-person panel. Three males and three females went on at a time. The auditorium was almost entirely full , so students rotated every 10 to 15 minutes.

The panel was diverse in terms of ideas and opinions. In a couple cases there were even dating couples on the stand at the same time.

Some questions were designed to extract from the panel the kind  of things the speakers look for in a mate. The moderators asked, “Would you prefer a mate that had God-given facial features but couldn’t help their six year old niece with tracing letters? Or would you prefer a fairly intelligent and smart mate with below average or average looks?” The girl, who wants remain anonymous, said, “I can teach them a little something along the way but I need something to look at.” A respondent from the guy’s side said, “It’s really hard to stay in a relationship with someone who can’t hold a conversation even though they may be good to look.”

Photo by Antonio Gayden

Another question was, “At this point in your life would you prefer a faithful relationship with someone who made you wait before you get physical or someone who doesn’t make you wait.” With the answer that followed came maturity and reality and simply the way most people would think. “If a girl makes me wait I’ll like her more, it’s about time for me to settle down, now if I just get into it, and it’s just ok,” said junior Damien Watson.

The energy level in the room was high. The responses from the panel provoked many audience reactions. Oohs and aahs could be heard throughout the crowd, along with comments like “now how do you feel about that” and “they’re such a good couple.”


  • Fred says:

    This kind of discussion is really helpful for us.We should We should hold more such activities to discuss about sex,cheating,and relationship.I have an idea about finding a mate for student:we build a dating website for students of our school only,it provides the chance to get to know someone without the pressures of eye contact and face-to-face interaction,it’s very good for introverts.

  • Mike J says:

    I like the fact that they had actual couples who were in relationships on panel.