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All-night creative event aims at uniting entertainment and self-discovery

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Haunted Flux poster courtesy of the event's Facebook page.

Disclaimer: The reporter who wrote this article is personally acquainted with some Haunted Flux participants. Regardless, The Forum has taken steps to ensure high-quality, unbiased journalism.

One might expect live tunes, art and performances at a psychedelic music festival, but what about alchemy? Organizers say all these will be a part of Haunted Flux, a night-long music festival taking place Nov. 2 at the Enjoy LifeStyle Center, located in North Little Rock at 543 Oak St.

“Whatever it is that you want to do, we want to provide a safe space for you to discover yourself and express whatever it is you find,” said event co-organizer Cat Hicks.

Haunted Flux is the second Quantum Flux event, and will be part of the Tel Terrors Halloween Haunt, Enjoy’s annual week-long Halloween festival. Enjoy owner Daniel Haney said he invited the collaboration after attending Quantum Flux in August.

“I was impressed with her Quantum Flux event, so I decided to take the reins off and see what Cat’s team is capable of, and so far I’ve been very impressed,” he said.

Haunted Flux features local artists with a variety of electronic, acoustic and ambient sounds. The line-up includes Groove Cluster, Perfect Glitch, S!Bass Cadet, SHARE, Sick Numbles, Mixmafia, Braxton, Trash Vortex, Dead Pickers Society, Paul “The Boogie Man” Morphis and Marjarine Smugglers.

The event will also incorporate many forms of visual art. Lasers and live visuals will compliment the music, and local artists will create and display their artwork. There will also be performances by hoop, aerial and fire dancers.

Two workshops will take place before the music starts. The alchemy workshop will explore the history and contemporary applications of what Hicks considers to be humanity’s oldest science, and will involve blessing the water at the event. A partner-stretching workshop will demonstrate two-person exercises to increase flexibility and prepare for more intense activity. It will also exhibit basic acrobatic yoga poses for two people.

In addition, there will be a costume contest, the winner of which will receive a $20 gift certificate to the Root Cafe and free admission to all Quantum Flux events for the next six months.

Volunteer Spencer Fooley noted that the event is being held during the new moon, which could affect costume choices.

“Astrologically speaking, the new moon represents your personality,” Fooley said. “The winner of the costume contest will be the one who most accurately depicts their true self, or is most creative in depicting the form of their true self.”

“I’m definitely looking forward to the musical part and workshops provided by the psychedelic community, and interacting with people I may or may not be in touch with,” said Kurt Blevins, a junior information science major and Haunted Flux volunteer. “I think it would be a wonderful influence on people’s lives to come down and see that not everything has to be hostile and not everything has to have one goal or objective. Here, people can have their own objective.”

Camping reservations are available through the event’s Facebook page. There will be an organic kitchen with home-brewed kombucha tea, she said, as well as a complimentary community breakfast at sunrise. In addition, Enjoy will sell alcohol.

Although music ends at 8 a.m., the gate closes at 2 a.m. and no re-entry is allowed after 1 a.m. Only people who are older than 18 will be admitted.

“What we’re doing is a fusion between what Little Rock already knows and what we believe is the future of events like this,” Hicks said. She added that she would like Haunted Flux to provide consciousness-expanding opportunities offered at “transformative gatherings” like Rootwire and Burning Man, while remaining a fun and entertaining experience for more casual festival-goers.

“It’s definitely a different kind of venue space and venue show than Little Rock has probably ever seen.”

Haunted Flux will be held Saturday, Nov. 2 at 6 p.m. Tickets cost $10 or $15 with a camping reservation, and part of the proceeds will benefit Little Rock’s Dunbar Community Garden.

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