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Bathrooms in Stabler Hall raise complaints about cleanliness

Submitted by Javari Burnett on October 23, 2013 – 10:03 amNo Comment

Recently, there has been an influx in complaints from faculty and administration. Their problem: campus restrooms.

Certain complaints started with just a few scraps of tissue being left on the floor, access water on the sink, or even the inappropriate graffiti written on the stalls. Now, matters have gotten much worse. Scrap paper and wall expressions are the least of the sanitation issues seen in the university bathrooms. The person or persons to blame for this insanitary behavior is still a mystery

Students voice their concerns about campus bathroom, adding to the list of complaints from university staff. These complaints vary from dirty floors, displeasing odors and lack of materials needed for restroom usage. Sophomore Childhood education major, Candice Moore, expressed a few complaints she had of her own.

“The bathrooms are always cluttered and something‘s always wasted on the floor,” Moore said.  “Paper towels are rarely in the dispenser, which leaves people slinging water everywhere,” she also added. Senior

Senior Clayborn Waters, a journalism major, said, “All my senses were being tortured. I don’t know what was worse, the stench from the sanitation fluid left in the stall next to me, or the dirt and grime that covered the sink.”

The students themselves could be responsible for the neglect of university bathrooms. “There has been several times where I’ve seen a guy just throw a used paper towel on the ground, or walk out of a stall and not flush it,” sophomore biology major Qkeyoree Miller said.

Faculty, staff, and students are responsible for keeping university bathrooms tidy and usable. Bathrooms are a part of the university just as classrooms and offices are, and are expected to be kept to the same standards as well.

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