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Students write southern tales

Submitted by Javari Burnett on October 23, 2013 – 10:02 amNo Comment

This year, the National Day on Writing is on October 13. UALR’S department of Rhetoric and Writing will be is hosting a writing contest called Tales from the South. It’s an opportunity for students to get their creative juices flowing.

To celebrate this year’s theme “Write to Connect,” UALR’s writing department is partnering with
Tales from the South for a UALR exclusive show on October 22. Only students currently enrolled in Rhetoric courses will be selected for the three spots.

“Tales from the South” is a radio show created and produced by Paula Martin Morell, who is also the
show’s host. The show is taped live on Tuesday nights at Starving Artist Cafe’ in the Argenta Arts District of North Little Rock. The shows include dinner and a show, and shows are $5 admission and open to the public. Tales from the South” is a showcase of writers revealing their own personal experiences.
While the show itself is unrehearsed, the literary memoirs have been crafted diligently by each writer. Stories range from comical to touching, from everyday occurrences to life-altering tragedies that will have you at the edge of your seat.

Though stories are not required to be reenactments of “Southern” occurrences, the majority are based on the southern life. Writers must be either originally from the South or live here currently. The distinct Southern art of storytelling rich in language, detail, and voice should be alive in all of them.  Possible prompts for discussion include writing about favorite family traditions, best southern foods, and traditional tailgating and sports events the individual likes to attend. Also, every story submission is considered for a show. Even if a particular piece is not selected immediately for this event, it will be consider for another show.

Students have been highly encouraged to participate from faculty and staff. Winners must be currently enrolled in a writing or rhetoric course. One story will be selected from three types of applicants: a composition student, an undergraduate student, and  a graduate student. The three winner’s pieces will be read over the radio.

Story selections have been made and will be revealed at the show. The show is anticipated to have a full house
filled with faculty, staff, and students.

If interested in wanting to participate in any other events with “Tales from the South,” visit their
website at to learn about how to submit, keep up the schedule, and listen to the radio live.

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