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National French Week provides a taste of France

Submitted by Pauline Mothu on November 6, 2013 – 11:23 amNo Comment

Not everyone at UALR will have the chance to go to France – or any other francophone country – and embrace the French culture. Fortunately, students, faculty and staff from UALR will have the opportunity to learn more about the French culture during National French Week.

National French Week is an annual celebration of French language and culture organized by the American Association of Teachers of French. During this week, AATF members, French departments in high schools and colleges, as well as community groups across the U.S, join in promoting the French language and culture.

UALR will celebrate the week during Nov. 4-8, while the national celebration will take place Nov. 5-11 this year. The event is organized by the French faculty as well as the French club, presided by student Christine Stuckey.

The week, Stuckey said, is “an effort to take French out of the classroom and to promote French education.” The purpose of National French Week is to increase the school community’s understanding and appreciation of the francophone world, which includes France, Belgium, Quebec, Switzerland and also some African countries.

National French Week is the perfect opportunity for French professors to organize events outside of the classroom to encourage students to take French to fulfill their second language requirement. “We want to make learning French seem worthwhile for students who are not taking French,” Stuckey said.

There are many ways to promote francophone culture during National French Week, as each day is supposed to have a different theme. For instance, there is a cuisine day, a science, technology, and careers day, an arts and crafts day, a tradition day ,and a music and dance day.

Since, France is mainly known for the diversity and delicacy of its food, such as bread, cheese, pastries, snails, and wine, National French Week will start with a bake sale on Nov. 4. The bake sale is organized by the UALR French Club and students will have the opportunity to buy and taste food made by members of the club. Two other bake sales will occur on Nov. 6 and Nov. 8.

France is not only known for its food, it is also known for its monuments, perfumes, fashion and art. In order to promote French art, the UALR French club and French faculty will host  a French movie night on Nov. 7 in Stabler Hall. The movie Le Placard (The Closet) will be shown in its original language. This movie night is a good opportunity for students to improve their French and learn new vocabulary.

In addition to the bake sales and the movie night, interested students are encouraged to attend the French Club meetings on Nov. 5 and Nov. 7.

In only a week, UALR students, faculty, and staff can learn a lot about the French culture and language without having to leave the country.

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