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CLC Food drive surpasses 13,000

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Volunteer Lauren Coggins and others help organize a fraction of the over 14,000 non-perishable items piled in the center of the foyer on the first floor of the DSC. Photo by Benny Scroggin

The Reach 13,000 food drive hosted by the Chancellor’s Leadership Corps has come to a close and the total number of donations is higher than ever.

The organization, which began in 1976 and has hosted the event for three years, surpassed its goal, collecting 14,247 food items – nearly 200 more than last year.

The initiative was started by the Student Government Association and later handed over to the to CLC.  It was initially dubbed “Reach 12,000,” but the number increased following trends in enrollment statistics.

Most of the items will be relayed to the Arkansas Food Bank. A portion of the goods is also contributed to the Staff Senate’s Helping Hands program, which plays an active role in the local community.

“They try to put together food baskets for the holidays during Christmas. They need specific items for us. They provide meals for staff and families on campus,” said CLC Program Coordinator Nick Steele.

The organization, group or department that raises the most food items is named the winner of the food drive. The AAMI/AAFI/HLI Leadership Institutes was the top organization this year, raising exactly 3,132 goods. The back-to-back winner, Testing Services, which raised 1,295, accompanies them in victory. The winners will be rewarded with a pizza party to be held at a later date.

CLC raised the most overall with nearly 5,000 items, but after winning two years straight, Steele decided it was unfair for the host team to win.

“Competition breeds excellence,” Steele said.  “A lot of the items were Ramen noodles but it doesn’t matter, it’s going to be eaten. I think competition is the key there, to get people involved and donating to a good cause.”

Steele also said he would like to have a Ramen noodle drive during the spring.

“That’s it, nothing but Ramen noodles. Stack up the Ramen noodles, see how many we can get, take pictures in front of it, call the Guinness World Records and say, ‘Hey we have the most Ramen noodles in one spot ever collected by a college campus. Put us in the Guinness Book of World Records.’”

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