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A Late Night That Could Be Your Last

Submitted by Jacob Ellerbee on January 29, 2014 – 11:07 amNo Comment

By Shashank Avvaru

Of the immense ‘coolness,’ pleasure, fun and entertainment that one gets in nightclubs, there is no denying, and why not? It is the one place that everyone needs to get away from the clockwork activity of the real world. But this beautiful alternate reality has gone from being a seemingly innocent, enjoyable, location to a nightmare for some of us.

While the current ban’s perspective of most college-going students – a maniacal move by the government that hates its people – is perfectly valid, the truth is that this ban was long overdue.

You are not as safe as you think you are in a nightclub. If the divine picture that books, music videos and movies paint in our heads of nightclubs is washed away, what is left is what nightclubs really are: an unforgiving, breeding nest where violence, illegality and diseases are lurking in corners waiting to pull you down. There is nothing wrong with partying. The problem starts when it’s late in the night, in a deserted location and you are in a place surrounded by strangers. Go ahead, make the argument that Little Rock’s finest are always there for your protection. What if they are too late? What if the situation is beyond your control? In the past year alone, over 3000 life-threatening injuries and deaths have occurred in the United States in and around nightclubs, most of them occurring after 12 AM, according to whom?. What if we end up being one of those doomed few?

A study in 2013 reveals that the sale of narcotics and marijuana in nightclubs has increased by 22% from 2012. There are many that talk about the wonder that there are these drugs, and I can see why. However, the real trouble starts after their intake. When your senses and reflexes are down and you are enveloped by the majesty of the music and the ambiance, there is a lot that can go wrong. STDs and other communicable diseases are always prowling in nightclubs as well. What begins as a nice, sweet encounter can very well end up with us battling lethal diseases.

I have nothing against nightclubs. Most nightclubs in Little Rock, however, are in deserted locations and late in the night when the majority of the world is sleeping, we are putting our lives on the line by going to them. Food and drink and dance are all good fun but why a nightclub? Why not a place where you know that if there is an emergency help is at your beck and call? A party thrown by you at your home is definitely better than a late night in the middle of nowhere. It’s cheaper as well.

This is not advice. This is not me crying wolf. This is an honest collection of facts. Late in the night, when there is nowhere fun to go to, nightclubs can be a godsend. Or they can be the last place you ever go to.

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