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Resident assistant surpasses standard for campus involvement

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Senior speech pathology and audiology major Wesley Baltimore has spent his college years serving as a positive student role model. Students have seen his smile on campus banners and brochures, and even on the side of a bus.

Baltimore is known around campus as wearing many hats. He is a Resident Assistant at West Hall, a McNair Scholar and Chancellor’s Leadership Corps Scholar, and a member of the Sign Language Klub, African American Male Initiative, and National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association.

Born in Washington, Baltimore was a “military brat” whose father served in the United States Air Force for twenty years. The Baltimore family lived in Brandon, England for some years but moved to Jacksonville, Arkansas when Baltimore was in the first grade. They have lived there ever since.

A student that joins any of UALR’s diverse student organizations will begin to establish meaningful connections with others, and Baltimore is no exception.

“I think because I am a part of so many organizations [is] how I know so many people,” Baltimore said. “I know a lot of people in the sign language department and a lot of people in the theater department, and in my major department, because I kind of dabbled in classes for all three and that made me connect to a lot of people.”

Baltimore said he tries to relate and make a friendship with the people he meets. He wants them to feel important. “Don’t be afraid to say, ‘hi’. I am there to talk to. I am an open book”.

Being a West Hall resident assistant, Baltimore is able to welcome new students as well as keep friendships with old students. “I want people to feel like I care about what they say” he said.

The audiology major said he wished he had more time in the day; because he is involved with many organizations around campus, he stays busy. He admits it could be stressful, but it is a “good stress.”

“I just feel very blessed. I am just doing what I normally do on a day-to-day basis, and all this stuff has happened to me,” he said. “[I believe] that if you put good out, you get good back.”

His philosophy is, “Those who move forward with a happy spirit will find that things always work out”, a quote by Gordon B. Hinckley. He said he wants to be a good person and say he did something positive. He said he tries to go forward every day with joy in his heart; some days are harder than others, but he tries to be a genuinely happy person.

The RA said his favorite Disney movies are “Hercules” and “The Lion King” because the characters do well for others and represent selflessness.

Baltimore’s favorite comic character is Marvel’s Deadpool. “That is something people don’t know about me, I love Marvel. I am not a hardcore comic book fan and can’t tell you everybody’s background story, but I really like Deadpool, because he is crazy and says what’s on his mind.” He said the theme for his resident’s floor is superhero theme.

If Baltimore were on a desert island and could only have three things, he said he would choose a cell phone with reception, “So I can call for help when I am done playing around on the island,” enough food and drink to last for one day, “Because I only plan on being on this desert island for one day,” and a “magic bubble” so every time something tries to hurt him, it cannot.

Ten years from now, Baltimore wants to be the director of his own speech and hearing clinic and to have left a positive impression on those around him. He would like it his clinic to be located in the northern part of the United States or by a beach. “I don’t get to go to beaches too often, which is why I think anywhere with a beach. I just really like that view of looking out at the ocean.”

Baltimore was a Chancellor’s Leadership ambassador his sophomore year. He is a sign language interpreter and popular in the deaf community. He participated in several plays in the theater department at UALR. He said he was involved in theater in high school and wanted to try it in college. He performed in plays for the Fringe Festival (plays are submitted and actors are needed for the roles) his freshman and junior year.

Baltimore hopes to attend the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences for graduate school and is applying to both the speech pathology program and audiology program.

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