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UALR to host annual AAMI Conference

Submitted by Hillary Perkins on February 13, 2014 – 3:34 pmOne Comment

The African-American Male Initiative program will hold its fourth annual conference at the UALR Student Services Center building from Feb. 27-28. 

Dr. Terrell Strayhorn and Dr. Glenn Jones will be the featured speakersfor the two-day conference.

Strayhorn is an associate professor of higher education from Ohio State University. His topic of discussion will be “African-American Male College Success: Result-oriented Strategies from What We Know.” He will be speaking Fri. Feb.28 at the UALR Student Services Center Auditorium.

Jones is the president of Henderson State University. His topic of discussion will be “African-American Males and College Success,” which will be held Thurs., Feb. 27 in  Ledbetter rooms, A, B, and C of the DSC.

“The purpose of putting the conference together is to talk about issues with African-American males and to
look for the best practices to keep black males in college,” said Harvell Howard,
the coordinator of the AAMI. Howard came to UALR as a graduate student and helped launched the program.

The African American Male Initiative program was launched in the fall of 2009. The first conference was held in 2010. Howard, along with former Vice-Chancellor Charles Donaldson, curent Vice-Chancellor Logan Hampton
and Dean Darryl Mc Gee founded this program.

Howard also mentioned that the way that they pick out speakers for this annual conference is totally different from other conferences. Instead of the speakers signing up and the committee choosing among  the best proposals, they give out invitations to various speakers all over the state, as well as nationwide experts asking if they
could speak at this event.

The structure of this conference has two separate tracks: one for students and the other for administrators and
faculty.  A workshop will be included for students to build leadership, better decision making and student development. This is also way for administrators to share different ideas for leading students to success.

According to UALR’s AAMI website, there were 44 out of 58 members were in good academic standing by the end of the fall
semester.  Fifty-five percent of the members received no less than a 3.0 GPA. By the spring semester, the
percentage of members rose to 91 percent.

“Participants involved in the program will interact with other African American male students from
across the state to be successful,” said Howard.

Kalan Horton, one of the members of the AAMI said that this program has helped him become the person
that he is today.

“Unfortunately black men do need a little more focus and attention because a lot of us come to
school unprepared for the responsibilities and the expectations that college hold.”

Alex Mc Donald, another member of the AAMI said that this program is a means of building awareness and keeps young black males in college.

The registration for the AAMI conference is free. The cost to attend, however,  is $75 for non-UALR
faculty and administrators and $25 for non-UALR students.

To register for the AAMI conference, visit

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