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Homecoming Queen 2014 Candidates: Alexa Treml

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Alexa Treml has been nominated for homecoming queen by the Music Student Association.


Alexa Treml
Sophomore double major: music performance and biology (pre-med)
Nominated by Music Student Association

Alexa Treml, a sophomore majoring in music performance and biology, comes to UALR by way of Cabot High School. The Music Student Association has nominated her for homecoming queen, where she also serves as president.

Treml has been playing the clarinet for nearly 9 years and has been dancing for more than 10.  Treml can frequently be found performing with the pep band at Trojan basketball games.

Treml serves as treasurer for two organizations: the Executive Council for the Chancellors Leadership Corps and the Baseball Diamond Dolls.

She is the vice president of recruitment on the College Pan-Hellenic Council for Greek Life at UALR.

Treml said she enjoys the down-to-earth and homey atmosphere that UALR provides.

“Most colleges I know of would not allow two majors in different areas, let alone encourage it. But, UALR is one of the only schools I know of where the faculty and staff-and anyone you are associated with-helps you achieve all your goals. [They] honestly and truly want you to succeed in life,” Treml said. “There have been multiple times when I had issues with a class or an assignment and I would just email that professor and without question, they helped.”

“I honestly did not expect to gain as much as I have gained here at UALR,” Treml said. “I truly believe that if I would have gone anywhere else, I would not be the person I am today, striving to achieve as much out of life as I can.”

Treml said she’s the ideal candidate to be homecoming queen because she knows she will represent UALR with passion and sincerity, because she already does on a day-to-day basis.

“I believe that my involvement in what all the school has to offer me really qualifies me. I love sports and I love supporting our sports teams,” Treml said.

“A lot of my friends play on sports teams here on campus and I try my best to go support them. Not only do I love basketball and volunteer to play in the pep band, but I also go to all the baseball games. I work them and I support the players, too.”

Treml said she attends soccer games and swim meets because she likes to support her friends and cheer them on to victory.

Whenever she is not attending a sporting event or doing homework or studying, she spends some of her free time volunteering.

“Every Wednesday afternoon I help teach children with disabilities about music, which gives me such joy because I love working with children and music is a passion of mine.”

Treml said she has also volunteered at the Arkansas Food Bank, Heifer International, Girls Scouts and Pfeifer Camp.

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