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Tips and tricks for weathering Arkansas weather

Submitted by Pauline Mothu on February 26, 2014 – 7:26 pmNo Comment

Comic by Byron Buslig. Color by Alexis Williams

Arkansas can look attractive to someone who likes warm places. Indeed, according to the THV Weather Channel, the average temperature does not drop below the 30s in winter nor over 93 in summer.

However, anyone who has lived in Arkansas long enough knows that these averages are not always accurate. Arkansas weather is unpredictable. For instance, it can be warm one day and drop into the 50s the next day.

A good example of this capricious weather would be the “snow storm” that hit the state a few weeks ago. Forecasters on Friday, Feb. 7 had warned Arkansans of the snowfall, resulting in an early closing of schools and businesses. Unfortunately, the snow was heavier than predicted and took many by surprise. As a result, many accidents were reported and sometimes took motorists an hour to go from one place to another instead of what would have normally taken ten minutes. Moreover, some drivers had to abandon their cars on the road in the hopes of retrieving them the following day.

Although this seemed to be a wise choice at the time, leaving cars behind was not a good decision for them. Indeed, it was later reported that when people went to get their car, they found out their vehicles were either ticketed or towed.

Another “snow storm” was announced for the following Monday and Tuesday (Feb. 10 and 11) but unfortunately for many who were expecting a snow day—especially students—there were not a snowflake falling from the sky on either of those days. The “snow storm” only lasted a couple of days in Arkansas.

This winter seems to be one of the coldest here in Arkansas with an average of 38 degrees according to the THV Weather Channel, considering morning lows and afternoon highs.

What should we do to get through this cold weather and stay as warm as possible? Here are some tips:

-        when nightly temps will drop below freezing, leave the faucet water dripping to make sure the pipes do not freeze during the night

-        place towels at the bottom of any door that has gaps or around loose windows

-        keep your indoor temperatures relatively low (around 68 degrees)

-        make sure to have flashlight, batteries and candles in case the power goes off

-        stock up non-perishable food

-        stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water

-        keep your head covered

-        wear mittens instead of gloves, as they are warmer

-        wear several light, comfortably-fitted layers instead of a single heavy one

-        be aware of your feelings and call or hang out with friends when you get the “winter blues”

Remember these tips to stay warm, save energy, and survive winter. It is not over yet.


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