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Candidate Brett Clark sets his sights on SGA presidency

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As students make their way to the voting polls in the DSC to vote for the 2014-2015 SGA president, three options await them. One of those options is the administration of president hopeful Brett Clark.

Clark, a junior Molecular Biology major, says he is deeply invested in the philosophy under which the student government operates. In fact, he intends to pursue a degree in Philosophy. He is not new to leadership either; Clark served as class president and has two years of SGA experience under his belt.  On top of that, he served as the Chief Justice under the McNeaill SGA administration last fall.

Now he finds himself up against McNeaill, the incumbent candidate, and Nora Bouzihay. Clark offers what he considers to be a new path for the SGA though.

He envisions a student government association where the experience is as realistic as possible for those in office.

“We’ll give [senators] training that I think is adequate to actually prepare them,” Clark said.  “As opposed to just saying ‘you’re senators now, horray! You’re popular.’”

He wants to teach officers to learn how to write bills and parliamentary procedure and legalese used in the real legislative process.

“They can go into any committee, any room, any meeting in the capital and read a document and say, ‘I get it.’”

“For the Justices, we want to increase the legitimacy of the student court. It’s a non-biased group of students, the student court, that can act as arbiter on any case in the university, right, but they’re only used for traffic tickets.

Clark said he wants to extend the court’s reach and find more decisions for it to make on behalf of students.

“Any student involved in SGA is going to get a fuller, more in-depth experience while serving with us,” he said.

“For the students who aren’t in SGA, I think what they’re going to see is administrators listening and taking them more seriously, because we want to do the footwork for the students. It’s public service. This isn’t just a check to us. This isn’t just a resume builder. It’s part of public service.

Clark mentioned that he is known for getting things done. He said he worked tirelessly to see his idea of a campus wide calendar-email initiative — known as This Week@UALR — come to fruition. The emails help students stay informed and up-to-date on events happening on campus.

“The crucial part to this is that it is an email,” Clark said. “That is the idea. That is what this weak at UALR is. It is meant to be convenient for students because they’re college students, their lazy, they need to know what’s going on. They won’t check a static webpage. They won’t check a static homepage. What they need is an email right to their phones so they can check it.”

Clark and his running-mate Mac Blair know a thing or two about communication and outreach.  They host their own radio station also have their own radio spot on KABF 88.3FM on Fridays from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m.

We can do it,” said Clark, certain that his administration can get things done. “We follow through. I mean, anybody can have a big idea, but it takes something special to have it done – and we can.”

“I known government inside and out.”









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