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SGA President Lauren McNeaill looks to get one more year

Submitted by Zachary Martin on March 6, 2014 – 3:11 amNo Comment

Lauren McNeaill, current SGA President, and her team are up for re-election March 5-6.

The odds are with McNeaill due to her diligent work this past term to improve the university with the direction of the voice of our students. Her team successfully brought about many deeds last term, such as the orchestration of extended library hours during finals last semester, addressing food issues and campus safety and also forming the “President’s Council” which organizes every organization’s designated presidents for an interest group and collaboration.

“We want to introduce a new, alternative option to the Trojan Trolley because of the immense cost,” said McNeaill, regarding her team’s future goals. This is just one of the many innovative ideas included in her plan for the next term.

Prior to this term, the SGA constitution included a clause that prohibited social media campaigning. Legislation has been passed to abolish that clause and candidates have been utilizing the opportunity. The candidate stated this was done in order to keep up with the technology of today and to increase interaction with more students.

“Social media has been big, we’ve been using a more light-hearted and funny approach to campaigning and it seems to be working,” said McNeaill, speaking about her campaign strategy. She has made the voice of the student a main concern in her efforts as current president and plans to increase that effort in the next term.

An open door policy will continue to be a primary point in the future for McNeaill, as well as an emphasis on involvement in the President’s Council. The candidate seems confident in her team’s chances of winning the election due to the ethical and logical appeal to students in their campaign strategy.

“I believe I can win, because I stay true to my promises and my current term speaks to that,” McNeaill said.

With such a small knit on-campus student body, a big concern for each candidate is beating the “friend” game. Many elections have been won and can be due to the amount of friends the candidate has that may vote for them.

It can be hard to gain a constituency when many of the voters are friendly and loyal to one candidate. McNeaill voices her concern about this, saying that “my opponents are in a lot of organizations and may have a lot of pull in the election.”

Despite her doubts and modesty, McNeaill’s campaign appears very solid and appeals to a wide variety of interested students. When asked about a Presidential debate, she seemed very open to the idea.

“I would love to see a Presidential debate become a tradition in our election each year,” said McNeaill about the proposed idea.

This candidate has many attributes to add to the allure of her campaign, such as experience and hard accomplishments within the SGA, a friendly student oriented focus, and a complex and diverse campaign strategy.


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