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Treasure hunting Trojans scavenge for goodies with Trojan Cache

Submitted by Hillary Perkins on March 13, 2014 – 12:32 pmOne Comment

By Byron Buslig

UALR’s Trojan Cache was held from Feb. 24-28 and March 3-7. The Trojan Cache is a scavenger hunt that sent students to various locations on campus.

This game all started when Leanna Payton collaborated with Vanessa Lewis, Meaghan Milliorn and Jennifer Godwin.

Payton is the West Hall Director and Vanessa Lewis is Coordinator of Health Promotions, Programs and Education – a program that is a part of UALR’s Health Services. Milliorn works with the social media at UALR with the Office of Communications. Jennifer Goodwin also works with the Office of Communications.

UALR’s Trojan Cache was sponsored by the bookstore, student housing, office of communications and HPPE.

“We wanted students to know more about the campus, so we listed the departments for students to go to,” Payton said. From there, they contacted various departments on campus. Ten of theses departments participated in the Trojan cache: student housing, alumni association, art gallery, Engineering and Information Technology (EIT), bookstore, academic success center, HPPE, campus life, Trojan grill, and office of communications.

“I knew the school had something to offer but I didn’t know what they were,” said Sarah Melero, one of the resident assistants.

According to the UALR website, here is how to play the game.

There are ten locations in the Trojan Cache.  A daily clue was posted on UALR’s Facebook Page. If astudent figured out the clue, it lead them to the prize at each location on the website.

Once the clue is figured out, the student signed their name on the daily log and won a prize.

On the Trojan Cache, there were 10 locations listed based on the daily clues. If a player figured out all 10 clues, their name was listed 10 times in drawing for grand prizes.  The map where previous clues were found was be included.

Also, according to the UALR website, players have won up to $500 in gift cards and book.  Payton saud there were other prized given out by the sponsors of the Trojan Cache. The bookstore gave out Chap Stick. EIT provided t-shirts and the Housing department handed out key chains.

At UALR’s basketball homecoming game on Sat., Mar.8, the winners of the Trojan Cache were mentioned. The winners include the following students: Tyler Simpson, the first place winner of $250 bookstore gift card; Jeffry Kirst, the runner-up who won a textbook voucher; and Pauline Mothu, the third place winner who won a $50 bookstore gift card.

“I really love riddles”, said Melero. “The prizes were pretty nice, too.”

Payton has mentioned that the Trojan Cache was visited 467 times and 233 students have participated. Payton has also mentioned that she plans on putting the Trojan Cache together again in the fall of 2014.

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